SRO/DHO Audition Information

Senior Regional Orchestra – Fall 2020

ATTENTION: All students auditioning for SRO must fill out a registration form by Saturday, September 19th, and mail $5 cash or check to: Langley Orchestra Society, P.O. Box 10851, McLean, VA 22102-0851. Money must be received by Wednesday, September 23rd. Registration form is accessible through “Senior Regional Applications” folder in Schoology’s Orchestra class. (updated 9/16/20)

Senior Regional Orchestra (SRO) auditions will take place via video submissions, due September 28, 2020.  The SRO event, originally scheduled for November 6-7, is cancelled.  Excerpts are posted below, and there will be no sight-reading adjudication.  In addition to the listed excerpts, all strings will need to prepare all major and melodic minor scales up to three sharps and three flats (3 octaves for violin, viola and cello, and 2 octaves for bass).  Bowings will be: ascending – two slurred, two martele, descending – four slurred, all played at quarter note = 120.  More information will be available at the start of the school year.  (last updated 8/21/20)​​

Students interested in auditioning for SRO should review the below materials. These materials are also available here. Additional information including procedure for registration will be available soon, and will be posted here. (last updated 8/27/20)

Students can practice the excerpts not included in this year’s virtual audition using the below materials.

District Honors Orchestra – Postponed

District Honors Orchestra (DHO) auditions, originally scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 2020, have been postponed for the fall.  VBODA will consider the possibility of holding DHO auditions and the event in the spring.  Below are the original information sheet as well as required excerpts and scales for each instrument.  (last updated 8/19/20)