Coffee Fundraiser

Coffee will not be sold until in-person classes resume.

Langley Orchestra Society has partnered with Beanetics Coffee Roasters to provide four unique flavors of freshly roasted coffee – Legato, Portato, Spiccato, and Tremolo – available in 1 pound bags, either whole beans or ground to your preference.  Typically coffee is pre-ordered and delivered at concerts.

Legato [leˈɡaːto]

Italian for “tied together”; indicates that musical notes are played smoothly and connected. That is, the player makes a transition from note to note with no intervening silence.

Our “Legato” coffee is from Indonesia, with a smooth and vibrant, rich flavor presenting a delicious full body, long finish, and earthy and gentle acidity.

Portato [porˈtaːto]

Italian past participle of portare, “to carry”; denotes a smooth, pulsing articulation and is often notated by adding dots under slur markings.

Our “Portato” coffee is from Latin America. It is rich in body and flavor with bright flavors, light body and a crisp finish.

Spiccato [spikˈkaːto]

Italian past participle of the verb spiccare, “to separate”. A bowing technique in which the bow appears to bounce lightly upon the string.

Our “Spicatto” coffee is a lively, well rounded bean from Africa with floral aroma, sweet tones, balance and a delightful complexity.

Tremolo [ˈtrɛːmolo]

A trembling effect of a single note, particularly used on bowed string instruments, by rapidly moving the bow back and forth.

Our “Tremolo” coffee is a blend of African and Latin American beans to represent the rhythmic value of the two coffee growing regions.