Senior Spotlights: Claire Fulton and Noah Kim

Claire Fulton (left) and Noah Kim (right)

Claire Fulton (violin):

Favorite memory: The Toronto trip!! What I loved about this trip was how bonded I felt to my orchestra family and that unexpected things kept happening. Whether it be the historically icy spring (even by Canada standards) or the busses breaking down at night I loved this trip. While this may not be everyone’s favorite part… I personally love how I got to spend a few more hours with my friends at 4am (because of the bus situation) and then go back to school the same day for Evita rehearsal.

What I love about LHS orchestra: I love Langley Orchestra because I get to make beautiful music with some of my best friends and explore different cultures/time periods through music. I love how Doc challenges us to play ambitious material while at the same time making it a fun experience rather than stressful.

Words of wisdom: Join pit orchestra. You won’t regret it.

Noah Kim (violin):

Favorite memory: the Halloween concert with the banana costumes.

What I love about LHS orchestra: I love playing music with other people.

Words of wisdom: Have fun!

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