Holiday Concert Recap

by Miles Yang and Francisco Yang

A couple of weeks ago, the Langley Orchestra premiered their second virtual concert of the 2020-2021 school year, the Holiday Classics Concert, and after opening night, students and parents were able to give feedback in the form of concert reviews on what they enjoyed about the concert.

Like the Film Composers Concert, the performance featured several instruments not usually found in an orchestra, including the piano, the drums, and even the electric guitar! Students and parents enjoyed seeing other instruments incorporated into the performance, something that happens very often at Langley Orchestra concerts.

In addition, many students incorporated holiday-themed props into their performances, with several Santa hats and Christmas lights making appearances in students’ recordings. These small props helped boost the festive nature of the concert!

The Symphonic Orchestra’s performance of “Wizards in Winter” features sophomore Wesley Chang on the electric guitar (top row, middle column) and sophomore  Victoria Wang on the piano (bottom row, middle column).

One particular eye-catcher in the Holiday Classics Concert was Doc’s conducting! Parents loved watching Doc lead and conduct the orchestras from his own frame, and students felt nostalgic seeing Doc’s familiar upbeat and cheerful conducting.

Doc conducts the Philharmonic Orchestra from the comfort of his fireplace.

In yet another phenomenal production, the Langley Orchestra Tech Team put together an amazing program for the Langley Orchestra community to enjoy while staying at home during the holiday season. 

Watch the Langley Orchestra Holiday Classics concert here: