Senior Spotlight: Caroline Martell

Caroline Martell (violin):

Favorite memory: My favorite memory from Langley Orchestra is the night after we played in Carnegie Hall. I remember walking through Times Square in my dress in the rain and just being surrounded by the joy of my fellow orchestra members. Dancing in the Hard Rock Cafe with everyone is a memory I will have forever.

What do you love about Langley Orchestra? I love how welcoming and supportive everyone is, and the organization would not be the same without Doc. My best friends are from Langley Orchestra and many of them I would not have met otherwise.

Words of wisdom: Enjoy your time in the orchestra and appreciate Doc. Talk to as many people as you can, because your best friends could be from orchestra. 4 years flies by and I promise you will miss being able to take a break from the busyness of school and just play an instrument with your best friends. The trips are so much fun, but make sure you appreciate every day of rehearsal too.