Senior Spotlights: Alyssa Kim and Nick Loria

Alyssa Kim (left) and Nick Loria (right)

Alyssa Kim (violin):

Favorite memory: dressing up with friends and soloing The Lark Ascending for the Fur, Fins, and Feathers concert in Fall of 2019.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: I love how Langley Orchestra maintains the balance between working hard and providing a low-pressure environment to find joy in making music. Being in Langley Orchestra has strengthened my leadership skills and has challenged me to grow both as a musician and a person.

Words of wisdom: don’t stress yourself out too much over the little things.

Nick Loria (cello):

Favorite memory: the Austria trip is by far my fondest orchestra memory. I will never forget sightseeing in Austria and Budapest and silently cheering after watching UVA win March Madness at three in the morning.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: I love our orchestra because we have fun while working hard. The members of Langley Orchestra enjoy every step of the music making process, from rehearsal to concert.

Words of wisdom: it is a very good idea to bring snacks and treats to the Philharmonic cello section.