Senior Spotlights: Fay Shuai and Rio Yamazaki

Fay Shuai (left, playing cello) and Rio Yamazaki (right)

Fay Shuai (cello):

Favorite memory: being part of the gorilla gang and solo performing The Swan for the 2019 animals concert, also conducting the Concert Orchestra for the 2020 pyramid concert.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: I love how our orchestra is a family like no other; I’ve gotten to meet so so so many incredible people, many who are some of my closest friends. Langley Orchestra makes me feel like I’m at home and it made my transition moving from Oklahoma to Virginia a lot less stressful and easier.

Words of wisdom: cherish all the memories you make whether if it’s with orchestra friends fooling around before concerts, being an orchestra speaker for the first time or cramming before a playing test. High school is a lot shorter than you’d imagine; it certainly was for me. Try new things, take that leap of faith and have fun. You’re only young once.

Rio Yamazaki (violin):

Favorite memory: since freshman year, I have always loved the annual orchestra trips, although this year’s got canceled. I especially liked the Austria/Hungary trip because it was my first time ever going to Europe! And how often do you get to travel internationally with your friends?

What I love about LHS Orchestra: I love the welcoming environment of Langley Orchestra and the amazing people who make that possible like Doc, Dr. Lee, Ulia, and every orchestra member.

Words of wisdom: don’t hesitate to reach out to people if you need help!