Senior Spotlights: Miles Yang and Otto Janke

Miles Yang (left) and Otto Janke (right)

Miles Yang (violin):

Favorite memory: On the Austria trip in our sophomore year, we were on this tour bus the day we got there. While the tour guide was speaking on the microphone, everyone was so exhausted we all fell asleep and they canceled the walking tour.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: I like how our orchestra is so laid-back and chill but we’re still beasts on concert day.

Words of wisdom: If you look really focused during sectionals, there’s a better chance that Dr. Lee won’t make you play by yourself in front of everyone.

Otto Janke (viola):

Favorite memory: writing my speech for the H2O concert with Nicholas Arthur Loria on my phone and then accidentally turning that phone off while listening to Doc speak on the podium, and hearing Nicholas (rightfully) silently stress out.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: Doc really helps Langley Orchestra feel like a friendly environment. We play music, of course, but orchestra is also an opportunity to interact with friends and never feels too stressful.

Words of wisdom: Get involved! Orchestra will be more enjoyable when you make yourself a part of the community.