Senior Spotlights: Nikki Razavi and Joshua DeFilipps

Nikki Razavi (left) and Joshua DeFilipps (right)

Nikki Razavi (violin):

Favorite memory: Having the chance to go on a sunset boat cruise on the Danube river through Budapest with the orchestra is an experience I will never forget. The addition of participating in the infamous Saxon Tsunami on the roof of the boat made the experience much more unique to the orchestra.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: I love that I can always count on the Langley Orchestra to be there for me. Having a special community in high school where a wide variety of people are joined together through their love of music is not something everyone may get the opportunity to be a part of, and I know that I’ll cherish all the memories we created together whenever I play music.

Words of wisdom: Be kind to all the new people you encounter as you never know how great the memories you create with them will be.

Joshua DeFilipps (bass):

Favorite memory: The Austria-Hungary trip is my most cherished orchestra memory. From roaming the streets of Austria on mopeds and the Hungary boat cruise to watching March Madness at three in the morning, that trip is a memory that will not be forgotten.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: Orchestra is and always will be a family. The atmosphere at concerts is so energetic and all the fun plans we come up with to do are the best. Doc is one of the greatest people I have met. Orchestra is the best class I have.

Words of wisdom: If you believe in something, take action and see what you can do. If there is a way, you will find it. Also, the bass section will always rule the room and the stage. Bass nation for life. ?