Senior Spotlights: Ben Tran & Ella Kassis

Ben Tran (left) & Ella Kassis (right)

Ben Tran (violin & piano):

Favorite memory: My favorite memory from Langley Orchestra was the car wash from my freshman year (2019). This was one of the first community activities offered by the orchestra during my time, and I will never forget it because the car wash served as a gateway for freshman just like me to be involved within the community. It was also memorable because we raised a large amount of money from the orchestra, not just through washing cars, but having fun and doing push-ups on the side of the road or spinning signs across the street. It was because of this car wash that I was able to strengthen the bonds I had with my friends in the orchestra and continue with the orchestra for all 4 years.

What I love about LHS orchestra: Orchestra is one of the best ways to create connections and build community spirit at Langley, especially if you’re a freshman who is looking for a new opportunity. Not only is it a great community because of the people, but due to our incredible director Doc. He lights up any room with a big smile and energy that is unlike any other music director I have ever experienced.

Words of wisdom: I highly recommend everyone to take orchestra as many years in high school as they can. It is truthfully an environment where you can relax but also be stimulated by your peers, Doc, and the music around you. Cherish the limited 4 years that you may have with the orchestra, as those years go by quicker than you think.

Ella Kassis (violin):

Favorite memory: My favorite memories from Langley Orchestra are the car washes, and Cox Farms. Doc lets you bring any of your friends to help support the Langley Orchestra. It’s a great way to meet people, and get hours for Tri-M!

What I love about LHS orchestra: I love how Langley Orchestra is welcoming to literally anyone. People can join with no experience at all, and learn how to make music come together as a group. Challenging pieces are a struggle at first, but Langley Orchestra works together to make the piece dynamic and authentic.

Words of wisdom: Stick with Orchestra. Having a class with music, friends, and the coolest teacher ever (Doc) makes school 100x better. It relieves your mind off of school work and stress. Music just lets you relieve tension from school, and feel good when you play.