Fantasia Asia Concert

Congrats to Langley Orchestra for a great concert! Langley Orchestra presented its Fantasia Asia concert on Tuesday the 17th featuring a wide variety of Asia-related music.

Below is a downloadable pdf of the concert program. Thanks to our talented student artists who helped with the covers!

A video recording of the concert was sent to the Langley Orchestra family by email. The concert album can be found here.

Prior to the concert, orchestra students and guests enjoyed the culture festival and quartet in Langley Hall, shoutout to those who performed or helped celebrate their culture! Students also enjoyed a dinner of Chinese food before the concert which included stir-fried noodles, chicken, and rice.

Pre-concert festivities also included Asian themed music, a K-pop performance, a stunning Indian dance, and even a performance on the sitar. In addition, many members of the Langley Chinese and Japanese clubs were present and even set up a display table outside of the auditorium. All of these pre-concert activities helped to set the stage for a fabulous first orchestra concert which included guest musicians from Langley Band as well as singers from the Langley Chorus.

Student soloists played alongside each of Langley’s three orchestras: Concert Orchestra (freshmen & sophomores), Symphonic Orchestra (juniors & seniors), and Philharmonic Orchestra (all grade levels by audition).

(Chinese students at a stand in Langley hall)

(Philharmonic rehearsing before the concert and during the concert)

(Sophie & Chloe Lin playing solo – Spring Breezes, in front of the Symphonic Orchestra)

(Langley Chorus joined the song – I’ll Make a Man Out of You, from Mulan)

(The introduction and cold jokes are our favorites)

(Guest conductors Aidan Moussavi, and Audrey Goodner)

Thank you to the PTSA for the giving out the delicious mochi ice cream during the culture fair and Langley’s world language teachers for assisting and promoting their culture! A special thanks to Mr. Martin and his band students, Mrs. Player and the VoiceMale singers, and Mr. Kaufman and his students techs that supplied the animations for complementing the orchestra performance! Finally, a big thank you to all student, teacher, and parent volunteers who supported the Langley Orchestra for this event! 

Edward Park

Photo credit: Farid Homayounmehr; Geoffrey Yuan