“Medieval Melodies” Concert Rehearsal Schedule

Our second concert this year, “Medieval Melodies,” will take place tomorrow at 7 pm (Tues, Dec 5) Formal wear for students is required, which is tuxedos for gentlemen and gowns for ladies. Alternatively, students may come dressed in medieval attire.

The rehearsal schedule is:
3:00 pm   Concert Orchestra Rehearsal (Freshmen and Sophomores)

3:45 pm   Symphonic Orchestra Rehearsal

4:30 pm  Philharmonic Rehearsal

4:45 pm   Dinner in the Cafeteria  (must enroll in Concert meal plan)

6:15 pm Caroling with Madrigals in the Lobby

7:00 pm   Performance

8:15 pm   Dismissal

Parent volunteers can sign up at this link for food donations, helping with set up in Langley Hall, and helping to serve dinner to students in the cafeteria.

Starting at 3:25 pm on concert day, Krispy Kreme doughnuts will be sold in Langley Hall. Sales will be CASH ONLY – $15 for a dozen glazed doughnuts or $2 for a single donut.