Medieval Concert

Congratulations to the Langley Orchestra for a successful concert on Tuesday, December 5th! Prior to the concert, the choir put on a wonderful performance in Langley Hall, shoutout to Mrs. Player and her students! 

Orchestra students and guests also enjoyed snacks and beverages in Langley Hall before the concert!

The concert featured Langley’s three orchestras, Concert, Symphonic, and Philharmonic. All three orchestra’s performed pieces in line with the theme, including Fantasia on Greensleeves, Game of Thrones, and How to Train Your Dragon. Not only were the pieces fantastic, the speakers were just as amazing. The concert not only featured the Doclings, Norah and Hugh, but also the very first rap in piece-introducing history, performed by Zain Rasheed.


Thank you to both Norah and Riley Seewer for designing the art in the concert program attached below!

The concert recording link will be sent out to Langley Orchestra family by email.

A big thank you to all students and orchestra volunteers that helped set up and make this concert happen! 

(Concert Orchestra)

(Symphonic Orchestra)

(Philharmonic Orchestra)

Photo credit: Farid Homayounmehr