Tri-M Election on May 20th during Langley Links

Tri-M Elections for the 2024-2025 school year are coming up, and here are the positions you can run for! Remember, ALL OFFICERS must be willing to not only fulfill their positions but also help out other officers, come to Links rehearsals, be motivators to Tri-M members, and help out and volunteer in the orchestra. 

  • President (Senior)
    • Lead Tri-M officers and coordinate with LOS
    • Call meetings for Tri-M officers and ensure equal work distribution
  • Vice President (Senior, President Runner-Up)
    • Lead mentorship and coordinate with feeder schools
    • Work with teachers and Tri-M president
  • Secretary (Senior)
    • Work with Tri-M president
    • In charge of verification and submission of Tri-M hours
  • Car Wash Manager (Junior)
    • Organize and manage the Car Washes by working with LOS
    • Create the sign-up, organize the sign-out sheet
    • Must be present through the entire car wash!
  • Instrument Manager & Music Librarian (Junior)
    • Assist with rental contracts (cello & bass)
    • Reminders and maintenance of cello & bass bows
    • Assist with the distribution of music & learn how to file music for storage
  • Concert Support (Senior or Junior)
    • Organize concert set up and clean up
    • Organize sign-up and hours for concert set up and clean up
  • Publicity & Social Media Manager (Senior or Junior)
    • Write articles (like this one) for the orchestra website
    • In charge of social media posts, documenting orchestra events
    • Collaborate with Saxon Broadcast to promote events

More information on officer positions can be found at this link:

Elections will be on Monday, May 20th during Langley Links, which is after AP exams. If you can’t make it, we will have a virtual speech submission link posted soon!