Senior Spotlights: Anh-Thu Pham & Kacy Lee

Anh-Thu Pham (left) and Kacy Lee (right)

Anh-Thu Pham (violin):

Favorite memory: I love the community. The students are friendly with shared passions, the parents are organized, and the teachers love what they do. Everyone gives their all in the activities, whether it be playing, washing cars, or fake-laughing at Doc’s jokes.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: I love the people you meet and the friends you make because you know that on some level you have a common love of music. Specifically at Langley, there are so many people who are passionate about music and orchestra and meeting them is so inspiring as both a musician and person.

Words of wisdom: Go on all the trips you can because you never know when you might not be able to.

Kacy Lee (viola):

Favorite memory: The Austria-Hungary trip. 🙂 Austrian food is on another level.

What I love about LHS Orchestra: The orchestra is one of the biggest and best communities out there, and a good amount of my friends are a part of the orchestra. The class itself is also a great breather in the midst of my other classes.

Words of wisdom: Orchestra during a pandemic is rough 🙁 Don’t worry, with due time everything will (hopefully) return to the way it was before, in all its glory, with events that have everyone together, and the overnight trips that normally happen in the spring will make its comeback!